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     Global Air Medical Associates, LLC is an industry leader in world wide medical transport and medical staffing services. We provide air ambulance transport and medical escort services for patients and their families to and from locations all over the world.  All of our medical staff are critical care trained and certified.


     Whether you are on the other side of the world or just a few states away, our medical staff will provide care from sending bedside to receiving bedside. Our Physicians, Registered Nurses, and Paramedics will maintain  the highest standard of care as well as maintain regular contact with your physician and family throughtout the transport to ensure your individual needs are met.


     The pilots work closely with the critical care team to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for the entire journey.


     Global Air Medical Associates LLC also staffs specialty events, conferences, and filming locations with RNs, Paramedics, and/or Physicians.


     Contact us for a free consultation to discuss which transport option(s) best meet your individual needs.


Director of Operations/Owner

Jonathan Jackson RN, CEN, NR-P

Phone: (+1) 423.902.9979

Fax: (+1) 423.373.1228

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Your privacy is very important to us. Your information will only be shared with those involved in your care and transport from sending hospital to receiving hospital.

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