Our Services and Transport Options

Medical Escort

  • Commercial airline

  • Private jet

  • Charter Boat/Cruise Ship

     This option is for someone who does not require advanced care and is able to sit up in a chair for long periods of time. A Registered Nurse, a Paramedic, or a Physician will accompany you on the airline, plane, or boat from the sending hospital or hotel to the receiving hospital or your home. The medical crew member will monitor your vital signs as well as assist you with medication administration and blood glucose monitoring. We will maintain regular contact with your physician to determine the best course of care to meet your individual needs.

Air Ambulance Transport

  • Lear Jet 25/35/36

  • Gulfstream jet aircraft

  • Other private aircraft

     On most flights a family member may accompany you for the entire journey. The medical crew will accompany you from sending bedside to receiving bedside. We will maintain regular contact with both hospitals to determine the best course of care and transport to meet your individual needs.


Medical Travel Companion

     A licensed medical proffesional (RN, Paramedic, or MD) will travel with you and your family to monitor your vital signs and assist you with medications and care by air, land, or sea.

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Sober Escort/Detox Team

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Medical staffing/consultation for special events

  • Movie/filming locations

  • Conferences

  • Sporting events

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Education/Training for healthcare providers

American Heart Association certification and recertification:

  • Basic Life Support

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support 


Capable of multi-patient transports


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Director of Operations/Owner:

Jonathan Jackson RN, CEN, NR-P

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